“Uchi-deshi” is a traditional practice in japanese martial arts(Kyokushin Karate) where a student lives and trains under the direct guidance of a master(Shihan) instructor. This intensive form of apprenticeship is designed to immerse the student fully into the martial art(Budo) and its philosophy. The uchi-deshi undergoes rigorous training, often living within the dojo (training hall) or in close proximity to the master(SHIHAN), to receive personalized instruction, refine their skills, and absorb the principles of the martial art deeply. During this training, uchi-deshi typically follow a strict daily schedule that includes physical conditioning, techniques practice, meditation, and chores related to the upkeep of the training space. This immersive experience is aimed at not only developing martial skills but also instilling discipline, respect, and a profound understanding of the martial art’s cultural and philosophical aspects. In summary, “uchi-deshi” is an intensive form of martial arts apprenticeship where a student lives and trains under the close supervision of a master instructor, with the goal of developing both martial skills and a deep understanding of the art’s philosophy and culture.