Barbell Training

Weightlifting – Starting Strength Method

The following concise “How To” weightlifting links are International Karate Alliance KyokushinRyu suggested & approved methods, for gaining greater strength & resilience, as an adjunct to your regular Kyokushin Karate training.

As in your Kyokushin training, you should always follow the correct methods of technique, breathing, balance, timing, concentration & form for all lifts to ensure maximum gains and to reduce any likelihood of injuries.

Please consider viewing the links in the order listed.

Do not attempt to lift heavy weight at the commencement; do start with lighter weight on the barbell, to build up your technique and strength by adding weight in small increments, each time you train.

As in your Kyokushin training, you should be keeping a written record of every barbell session. Your food & fluids intake should be of sufficient quality & quantity to cater for all your training activities.

Further instruction, knowledge, protocols & guidance is available on the Starting Strength or Barbell Logic websites, Starting Strength or Barbell Logic Podcasts / YouTube pages and other related online tutorials.

Instructional Videos:

Starting Strength – Founder Mark Rippetoe on Strength Training


Starting Strength

How to Squat

How to Deadlift

How to Overhead Press

How to Bench Press

How to Chin Up

How to Push the Prowler

Recommended, detailed books to guide Instructors and students in greater Barbell/Strength training knowledge are:


Starting Strength Volume 3 – Mark Rippetoe

Practical Programming for Strength Training – Mark Rippetoe

The Barbell Prescription: Strength Training for Life After 40 – Jonathon Sullivan

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