IKO Kerala

International Karate Organization, Kerala

is an official branch of IKO, Japan founded by Sosai Mas Oyama and lead by Kancho Matsui, the 4 th world karate champion in 1987 and one of the very few Kyokushin fighters in the world to accomplish the 100 men kumite record which is an ultimate test of fighting spirits and skill, strength and stamina. IKO is currently spread all over the five continents in more than 160 countries with more than 10 million registered members worldwide. IKO is the largest martial arts association in the world.

IKO Kerala, Grading, 1987, Trivandrum

Shihan Peter Chong, IKO chairman, Asia- First visit to Kerala as Supreme Judge in
the 3rd Kerala State Tournament 1990, with Sensei Mohammed Nissam and winners.